.Is Bullguard any Good?
Customization is easy, and BullGuard can help you maintain the device clean and organized.
Regrettably, malware security is typical, and all packages lack some vital features that you’ll see in other antiviruses. And though nearly all those BullGuard Internet Security reviews give it the praise it deserves, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be hunting for a few choices.

By way of instance, Bitdefender costs approximately the same but is a much better protector, does not place too much load on the device, and includes a larger set of features. Do not even get me started on the top-3 anti-viruses, because then BullGuard will fail — miserably.

So many antiviruses, so little time — that is probably what you’re thinking if you are new to this. Well, you are in luck, because now we will present to you one of the most intriguing offers available on the market. Hands down, it is among the best choices when it comes to ease of use, though the company isn’t quite as famous as the business leaders. The BullGuard antivirus packages include quite attractive price-tags and maintain their own, regardless of the obvious downsides.

We’ll discuss the packages in more detail later, of course. You’re free to create a collection of profiles with two or three clicks. But, you are free to use Google Drive or DropBox for backing up your valuable data.

The tune-up system in this antivirus is far better than in the majority of the competitions on the market (only available on BullGuard Internet Security and higher). It runs quietly in the background and may be triggered by the user manually. Simply tap on the”Optimize” button with the mouse and let it do everything. BullGuard informs you just how much hard-drive space you can free up by eliminating the temp files and browser caches, fixes any Possible broken widgets, and deletes busted registry entries.

Alright, it’s time to move to another step of the BullGuard review and go through each and every factor to find out what it is capable of and if you should buy any of the packages or not.

Reliability And Security
AV-Comparatives, among the most respected independent companies that specialize in analyzing antiviruses put BullGuard via a series of demanding tests. All three bundles showed amazing results in conventional virus detection throughout their BullGuard reviews. And seem to be among the best virus detection software we’ve ever tried. At exactly the exact same time, in real-time scanning, they attained only above-average ratings.

It earned 8.2 points in a variety of tests. Yes, it’s: the normal Windows Defender from Microsoft got 8.3 points, and it is totally free! In terms of URL blocking, BullGuard shielded the device just from 89 percent of the threats. Parental Control, as stated previously, is obsolete (and, it is not available with the basic package; find out more about it at the BullGuard Internet Security review). It hasn’t been correctly upgraded at least for half-a-decade. Yet, if you do not have children around, that should not even bother you.

I need to also be worried that the BullGuard antivirus absorbs a lot of system resources, putting unnecessary strain on your computer. System functionality is…uneven, which is one of the greatest downsides of the item. Most BullGuard reviews assert that old machines will be nearly paralyzed with this antivirus on, and they have got a point. Now, if you’re searching for the best package, have a close look at BullGuard Internet Security.

Ease of Use
The dash is extremely informative and lets you look at the current state of things right there and then. If you wish to run some scans, they’re only a few clicks away (you have got the rapid, the complete, and the vulnerability scans). I’m sure the majority of the BullGuard reviews will affirm the installation procedure is incredibly fast and effortless. After downloading any of those packages, you will need to wait just for a few minutes for the antivirus to be installed.

BullGuard Support and Customer Service
This may sound odd, but BullGuard does not have tech support over the telephone. And while we’re living in times when chatting online is the most popular method of communicating, that is still kind of strange.

Live chat is fantastic, however, and it is available 24/7 for the clients that speak English, Spanish, and Chinese. If you come from France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, or the Netherlands, live support is only going to be given through the 9:00 AM-5:00 PM period. Sending an email is also an option, and they generally give you an answer in a day.

I’m delighted to report that the accounts on Facebook and Twitter are a lot more active and will answer your questions faster. The forum is always filled with people; the website is continually being updated with new articles.